BWW Code of Conduct

BWW Code of Conduct for Facilitators & Attendees

Brisbane Writers Workshop is committed to creating safe, respectful spaces for attendees and facilitators. By participating in Brisbane Writers Workshop courses, we all agree to abide by the BWW Code of Conduct. 

As facilitators and attendees, we will:

  • uphold and contribute to a respectful, inclusive environment.
  • ensure everyone has opportunities to speak and participate.
  • photograph or record attendees with expressed permission only.
  • respect your privacy and keep your information (any email and phone contact details via Google Docs or our Contact Form) strictly private.
  • approach the BWW team regarding questions, concerns, or conflicts with the code in a timely manner.

As facilitators and attendees, we understand that:

  • aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, ableist, bullying or discriminatory actions or language will not be tolerated.
  • the BWW code of conduct applies to both in-person and online courses as well as social media.
  • we may be asked to leave a venue or online workshop if we do not abide by the BWW code of conduct. Regarding paid events, we understand refunds may not be offered¬†for code breaches.
  • BWW workshops are held in person and online through Bunya House, a Moreton Bay Regional Council venue, at city and regional council libraries, and through the Queensland Writers Centre. Their codes of conduct are similar to the BWW code of conduct.

In terms of AI content:

  • we do not read, edit, or promote AI-generated material in our workshops.
  • if presenters display AI-generated material during a workshop, it is for educational purposes only and must cite the top 3-5 sources from which the material was sourced. Presenters’ opinions on AI-generated content do not represent the opinions of Brisbane Writers Workshop as we do not recommend its use.
  • Brisbane Writers Workshop is committed to promoting and upskilling writers and artists and rejects plagiarism in all of its forms.

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